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              ELIGIBILITY 10+2 PASS





    Management, Planning, Directing


    Business Process Re-engineering, Functional area of Management

    Unit 3

    Introduction: Concept, nature, scope and importance of marketing

    Unit 4

    VII  Distribution Channels and Physical Distribution Decisions, Marketing Research

    Total credit


    UNIT-I Management : Definition, nature, process , functions & skills . Evolution of management thoughts - F.W. Taylor, Henri Fayol, Max Weber , Elton Mayo . Management Approachs- System approach , Contingency approach . Business Organisation - Types of ownership .

    UNIT-II Planning : Concept and purpose , Planning Process , Management by Objectives(MBO), Decision Making . Organisation : Concept and purpose of organisation , Types of organisation , Line, Line & Staff , Matrix , Virtual Organisation structures . Basis of Departmentation , Concept of Authority, Functional Authority, Delegation of Authority , Centralisation and Decentralisation of Authority. Coordination . Staffing .

    UNIT-III Directing : Leadership - Concept , Traits, Styles . Communication : Concept, Types , process, barriers, making Communication effective . Controlling : Concept, process, Requirement for Adequate control , Budgetory Control , Non-Budgetory Control .

    UNIT-IV Business Process Re-engineering - Concept , Process, Redesign, BPR experiences in Indian Industry . Total Quality Management(TQM) - Concept , Systems model of Quality, Deming's approach, TQM as a business Strategy . Knowledge Management (KM)- What , why, how, of Knowledge Management , KM process , approach, strategies, tools. E-commerce- Ideology, methodology, classification by application /nature of transactions , Driving Forces of EC, Impact of EC, Scope .

    UNIT-V Functional area of Management - Concept, objectives, scope and principle of Marketing Management, Production Management, HRM , Finance, Material management

    UNIT- VI Introduction: Concept, nature, scope and importance of marketing; Marketing concept and its evolution; Marketing mix; Strategic marketing planning an overview. Market Analysis and Selection: Marketing environment macro and micro components and their impact on marketing decisions; Market segmentation and positioning; Buyer behavior; consumer versus organizational buyers; Consumer decision making process.

    UNIT-VII Product Decisions: Concept of a product; Classification of products; Major product decisions; Product line and product mix; Branding; Packaging and labeling; Product life cycle strategic implications; New product development and consumer adoption process. Pricing Decisions: Factors affecting price determination; Pricing policies and strategies; Discounts and rebates.

    UNIT-VII  Distribution Channels and Physical Distribution Decisions: Nature, functions, and types of distribution channels; Distribution channel intermediaries; Channel management decisions; Retailing and wholesaling. Promotion Decisions: Communication Process; Promotion mix advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity and public relations; Determining advertising budget; Copy designing and testing; Media selection; Advertising effectiveness; Sales promotion tools and techniques.

     UNIT-IX Marketing Research: Meaning and scope of marketing research; Marketing research process. Marketing Organisation and Control: Organising and controlling marketing operations.

    UNIT-X Issues and Developments in Marketing: Social, ethical and legal aspects of marketing; Marketing of services; International marketing; Green marketing; Cyber marketing; Relationship marketing and other developments of marketing.