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    Certificate IN HR MANAGEMENT


              ELIGIBILITY 10+2 PASS




    Overview of HRM Field


    Staffing in Organizations

    Unit 3

    Employment Law & Employee Rights

    Unit 4

    Current Issues and Trends in HRM

    Total credit



     Topics Covered


    Overview of HRM Field

    The human relations movement, human capital, human resource department structure, job attitudes, ethics


    Organizational Theories & Human Resources

    Taylor's principles of scientific management, Fayol's staff management theories, the two types of managers


    Job Analysis and Design

    Job enrichment and enlargement, job rotation, job specifications and descriptions, job evaluation methods


    Staffing in Organizations

    The hiring process, staff selection methods, job bidding, employee turnover and absenteeism, employee termination


    Training and Development in Organizations

    Employee training programs, new hire orientation, Goleman's domains of leadership, employee discipline methods


    Performance Appraisals

    Administrative and developmental uses of performance appraisals, common appraisal methods, management by objective


    Employee Compensation Issues

    Types of compensation systems, compensation equity, mandatory and voluntary benefits, incentives


    Employment Law & Employee Rights

    The employment-at-will doctrine, equal employment opportunity, the Equal Pay Act, unemployment insurance


    Labor Relations

    The National Labor Relations Board, collective bargaining and unionizing processes, bargaining strategies, Executive Order 10988


    International Human Resource Management

    Approaches to global staffing, impacts of expatriate staffing, interactions with host- and third-country nationals


    Current Issues and Trends in HRM

    Affirmative action, cultural and age diversity, gender diversity, workplace violence, alternative work arrangements