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    Certificate IN Computer Application









    MODULE 1

    Generations of Computer

    MODULE 2

    Block Diagram of a Computer

    MODULE 3

    Functions of the Different Units Input unit, Output unit, Memory unit, CPU (ALU+CU)

    MODULE 4

    Input & Output Devices Input Devices: a)Keyboard, b) Point and draw devices mouse, joystick, track ball, light pen c) Data Scanning devices image scanner, OCR, OMR, MICR, Bar code reader, card reader d) Voice Recognition Device e) Digitizers Output Devices: a) Monitor b) Printer laser peinter, dotmatrix printer, ink jet printer c) Projecter

    MODULE 5

    Registers [Types of Registers]

    MODULE 6

    Cache Memory

    MODULE 7

    Primary Memory i) RAM a) How data is stored in a RAM b) DRAM and SRAM ii) ROM a) ROM BIOS/ Firmware b) Types of ROM

    MODULE 8

    Secondary Memories i) Hard disk a) Structure of a hard disk, how data is stored in a hard disk, concept of tracks, sectors, clusters, cylinders b) formatting of hard dick (low level formatting and hilevel formatting) ii) Floopy [data storage mechanism] iii) CD [data storage mechanism]

    MODULE 9

    System Software a. Operating System i. Functions of O/S ii. Types of O/S b. Program Language Translators i. Assembler ii. Compiler iii. Interpreter c. Utility Programs d. Communication Software e. Performance Monitoring Software

    MODULE 10

    Application Software

    MODULE 11

    Software hierarchy and dependence between the different layers

    MODULE 12

    Computer Languages i. Machine language ii. Assembly language iii. High level language, MS-OFFICE